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Failed to activate BT Cloud - now broken


I tried to activate BT Cloud on my account the other day but an error appeared.  Now when I go to Packges -> Included Extras a yellow error message appears saying:

Sorry something's gone wrong

We're not able to get back the status of your extras right now, please come back later

And my account thinks BT Cloud is already enabled but if I click "Manage BT Cloud" (for my account) it just goes back to my main account page as though something has gone wrong.

I have downloaded the app and attempted to login but an error message appears stating "It doesn't look [like] you're eligible for BT Clound on this BT ID."

I think BT Cloud on my account is somehow at a half-way house so I am stuck.

I have tried every day for the last few days but it has not fixed itself so far.

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Re: Failed to activate BT Cloud - now broken

Hi @anb ,

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I'm really sorry you're having so many problems activating the Cloud. This isn't something the community will be able to resolve. Your best bet would be to contact the Cloud helpdesk directly on 0800 500 3114. They should be able to get this sorted for you. Can you give that a try and let me know how you get on?



Community ModeratorDaveM
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