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First time Logging on to FON/Hotspots.

HP Pavilion 9500 + Win 7 ult

I have only tried to use a laptop once using Hotspot/FON.  


I drove around till I found a couple of FON/Spots. Once I found one that was open, I tried to log on, but got a screen asking for user name & pass.  I tried a few names that I thought I’d remembered, but couldn’t log on.


Obviously I have no idea which user/pass they require.   I have a log-in name & pass that I use to get on to My BT (Billing etc).  Are these what I need ?


If not – which ones ?


If I can’t get it sorted, can BT either let me know what they are, or allow me to re-set them (making sure I make a note !?).




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Distinguished Sage
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Re: First time Logging on to FON/Hotspots.

You need to select BT Broadband user, and then enter your PRIMARY e-mail account and password.


Like then your e-mail password.


There is a help page here where you can also login with the same details, to check that you have it right, and are opted in.


You should be able to login to BT FON on your own BT Home hub, provided you are opted in.


Check your status here

You can also reset your password if you have forgotten it. But you should be accessing your primary e-mail account at regular intervals anyway, as BT use it to send notifications.


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