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Folder structure in BT Cloud Sync

I don't like the folder structure in which content backed up from my mobile device is saved. Is there any way to change this?

For example: Photos taken in March 2018 are automatically saved in BT Cloud / My {'phone name'} / 2018 / March. Similarly, those taken in February are saved in  .. / 2018 / February. However, every type of content created or changed in a certain month all goes into the same month folder.

This means I have different types of content backed up in folders ordered by year and month. This is no good to me. When I browse through my content in my BT Cloud Sync folder  it is a mess and cannot find things easily.

What I want is content saved in folders according to type, in the same way as they are stored in my home folder on my PC, i.e. /documents,  /pictures, /music, /videos. OneDrive does this seamlessly but storage is limited to only 5GB without cost option of more space. If BT Cloud Sync cannot do this, then it is no good to me, and the 1,000GB of storage available to me as a BT Infinity 2 customer is a waste of resources, as I would probably not continue to make use of it.

Anyone out there from BT Support, or other users with the same issue resolved, able to advise please? Thanks in advance,


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