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Fortnite Voice Chat stops working when Social Media is blocked in BT Parental Controls


I've been working with Epic Games to try to resolve an issue where if the Social Media category is blocked with BT parental controls, the voice chat stops working.

All of the sites listed by Epic Games have been added to the "Allowed Websites" list as per this article -

Epic have spent about a month investigating this and confirmed that from their point of view it should be working and have pointed me at the ISP (BT) to resolve or enable the social media category.  I don't really want to do that that last one, I'd much rather have control of which social media sites my children can access due to the associated dangers and have a solution to enable the voice chat.  At the moment, I have to re-enable it temporarily when players want to chat, the disable it again afterwards which is not really practical.  I also don't know how to contact BT directly on this issue.

Does anybody have any suggestions on either a solution or how to contact BT on this?

Thanks in advance.

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