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Good and less good news!

If you have been following my post:

It's Official - BT Cloud 22.8.10 is fundamentally flawed

I can report that I was contacted by BT support to tell me that the agreed flaw had been corrected and I should try BT Cloud again; a new version would automatically download to my system.

Great, I thought.  I'll try it at the first opportunity.

I had an old version of BT Cloud on the laptop, a new version downloaded, started and I went into About and found that the version number was 22.8.10

I went into BT Cloud Help, went to the download page and was offered version 22.8.10

I checked the Properties, exactly the same size, same date for digital security signature (August last year)


So please, give me the link to Version 22.9.1 (too big a change to be just V 22.8.11)

I'm on my travels, so can't guarantee internet access but had it tonight. I deferred a call back for a couple of weeks, but with luck I should be able to give a truly NEW version a test before then, once I am given access to it

PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: Good and less good news!

I would really appreciate a reply,

Either here, or a PM to send me a link to a Beta version of the corrected version of BT Cloud.

Over 100 people have read this, so if anyone from  BT support reads this, could they please trigger the BT Cloud support team to get back to me ASAP!

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Re: Good and less good news!

The silence was deafening for 2 weeks, when I got an anonymous  text message from the fault team saying "We've not had an update on the Cloud issue from the experts just yet."  It's as if the previous message that there was a solution was made in error.....


Today I got a text message that "We have had a response from the server team, who advise to try again after the next release."  Garry has no idea about timescale for the release, but will try to find out.

Fingers crossed!!

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Re: Good and less good news!

Last week, just before I was going away, I got a call from Kadir of BT Cardiff telling me that the BT Cloud gurus had released a new version taking into account the acknowledged fatal error in BT Cloud, and that should I should download Version 22.12.10, set it going and sit back to watch BT Cloud working perfectly.  Well that was the implication.

So, I opened BT Cloud (I keep it closed normally to prevent otherwise inevitable corruption) and was advised that a new version was available which would now download.  Version 22.10.11.  Katir agreed that I should download this version, presumably a minor update.  So I download, installed and set it going.  Nothing happened immediately - BT Cloud has to work through a large number of files before getting to a small subset of folders that can be subject to change.  We agreed I'd monitor it and report back when BT Support phoned back between 7 and 9 pm that day.

After a time, I realised that BT Cloud was only downloading the old files from the cloud repository, marking as Conflicted the revised version that I had gone to considerable trouble to produce.  In other words, THE SAME OLD PROBLEM.  Could it be that the Top Guru couldn't accept that V 22.11.10 couldn't be released contradicting his (flawed) concept?

I didn't get the promised call on Friday night, but it came on Saturday morning, after I'd got back from parkrun.  Fortunately not earlier in the day!

I was able to provide a 42 Mb log file, a screen shot of 'file manager' showing new files marked as Conflicted and an old version just downloaded by BT Cloud (as the 'prime' version) and another old version that I'd marked as having been downloaded as prime version by BT Cloud in the past.

I also provided a screenshot from Web BT Cloud showing the pertinent folder contents, where the most recent file to have been upoaded to the cloud was (IIRC) 23 Nov 2021. 

It is agreed, I believe, that with Sync revised files on the client devices need to be uploaded to the cloud repository and then downloaded to other devices as appropriate. 

PLEASE, PLEASE get it sorted once and for all.  You have acknowledged the fundamental flaw; now get on and fix it!

I know I've got several hours of work to untangle the mess that V22.12.11 has created!


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Re: Good and less good news!

So, we know that the gurus know what the error is in BTcloud.  The prime version of a file should be the latest update, not the version in The Cloud.   That's logical, because otherwise the version in The Cloud can never be updated.  And that's how BTcloud worked in the good old days before the disasterous update that initially stopped BTcloud from working at all. That was before Covid....  Historic.

Having acknowledged the logical error in BTcloud, the gurus produced a new version supposedly correcting the error but actually not different in logic (or illogic) to the previous version.  Every few weeks I am contacted (phone or text) to say the gurus are working on the problem, sometimes saying that the delay could be because they might be testing an updated version.  Only ever platitudes!  But NEVER do they have a corrected version, even for beta testing. 

What a shambles! A simple change in logic is required, which shouldn't be that onorous.  Why not go back to the last properly working version to see how it was done (correctly) in the past?  It's not rocket science! 

The error was acknowledged around 6 months ago, the duff update released 3 months ago.  Can we please see some actual attempt to resolve the problem, or is there someone too pig-headed to accept they've made a pig's ear of the BTcloud logic?

Are the moderators of this community totally ineffective at putting pressure on the gurus to actually take action?



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Re: Good and less good news!

I know you are annoyed about it, but I suspect allocating resource to find a fix for a free offering that is no longer available and is probably going to be wound down at some point, isn’t the priority to BT you think it should be.

Plenty of alternative cloud storage providers out there, might be better for your blood pressure to go down a different path?

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