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Holiday Broadband

I am going to Portugal this year on holiday and was wondering can BT offer me an option to access the internet while I am there ie do they partner with a phone/broadband company there?.I will not be in a WIFI area so will need a wireless broadband solution.

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Re: Holiday Broadband

I'm not sure what you mean by not in a wifi area as that suggests you will not get any wifi signal.  anyway here is the BTFON map which you can check Portugal.  Bt openzone is only free in UK so you need to buy time if you want to use that abroad

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Re: Holiday Broadband

@Donald wrote:

I will not be in a WIFI area so will need a wireless broadband solution.

I'm not sure what you mean by that. Wifi depends on a hotspot that you can connect to; you need to be in range and know the access codes, unless it's a completely open network. If you are opted in to BT Fon as a Broadband customer, there may be a participating Fon hotspot but you would be very lucky. Might be worth asking the BT Openzone Helpdesk on 0800 022 3322.


Public internet access which you pay for is usually available in all but the deepest jungles these days. Most towns have an internet shop or a hotel where you can use their equipment. If you have your own device it's often possible to buy some wifi time, particularly in hotels, or you might find free acces in certain public places as you can in the UK.


The alternative to wifi is the mobile network. Unless you can get a decent short-term deal from your mobile provider, I would forget about that as it can be ridiculously expensive.


[Edit: I have fewer typing fingers than imj does, and didn't see his post.]

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Re: Holiday Broadband

I had no problem in Lagos with partner sites; also there and out and about lots of cafes/bars have wi fi for customers. As above, there are also wi fi shops where you can buy time.

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