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Re: How do I know if a "BTOpenzone-H" SSID is safe and provided by BT?

[quote]It strikes me that literally anyone could configure a wireless access point to broadcast with an SSID of "BTOpenzone-H" or "BTOpenzone" and route incoming traffic to a web server that mimics the BT login page and then capture the BT Openzone login details and capture the login/access tokens used by iPhones and Android devices when they make connections to email accounts e.t.c. This could all be run from a single laptop and taken anywhere to capture login information.[/quote]


This could be a good idea!  It should prevent your devices connecting to the real BTOpenzone which claims not to be authenticated when it is by another means and stuffing your wifi connection while the device thinks all is well.


Great idea! Off to try it.


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Re: How do I know if a "BTOpenzone-H" SSID is safe and provided by BT?

I am sorry I can't. I have been to Edinburgh twice in the last 3 months. I stayed in the same place and connected via btfon in a flat. A few days after my email was hacked each time. All my contacts receiving a begging email stating I was in trouble abroad and to send money urgently. The last time was yesterday and I lost all my contacts and emails. I have had at least 50 phone calls and it took 1 half hours on the helpline to sort. Was this coincidence?? I wonder ?
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