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How does BT Cloud Backup work ?

I am new to this forum as am in the middle of my first BT Cloud Backup - Desktop, Photos, Music and Documents.

The backup is taking a monumental amount of time and I guess will run all night.

My previous Backup was a one touch Clickfree HDD - this has worked pretty well and has proved its worth at least twice after previous PC hard disk disasters. However, it seems as though Clickfree went out of business a while ago so there is now no support and another backup system is needed for the inevitable day when my Clickfree device starts to fail.

I have a question about the BT Cloud Backup: does any future backup just pick up the NEW items subsequent to the first backup and add them, or will it do a whole new backup all over again ? 

I am hoping someone will know as going through the whole thing everytime seems horrendous......



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Re: How does BT Cloud Backup work ?

BT Cloud Backup can take a while if you choose to backup lots of files from your PC especially if there are photos and videos. My initial backup of approximately 50GB containing mainly jpg and Photoshop files took about 2.5 hours with an upload speed of around 19Mb. Once the first backup is completed the following backups are for individually changed or added files only. The time taken for this is only seconds per file and  backed up as soon as the file is saved. These subsequent backups are not incremental, the changed  files are overwritten with the latest version and the new files are added into their relevant folders. To view  and manage the backed up files, click on the link BT Cloud Website and log in. 

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Re: How does BT Cloud Backup work ?

Many thanks for the reply. 

Yikes - approx 100 GB of backup to do - at the rate its going I reckon all night and most of tomorrow - I'm only about 20% through so far.

But you have put my mind at rest advsing that only new items will be 'added' to my first back up from now on ........

Does anyone know what happened to Clickfree ?     A brilliant concept and I shall carry on using my device as well as BT Cloud as long as it lasts ........


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