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How to change password for BtOpenZone?



Does anyone know how to change password for BtOpenZone? I have tried the following link and it is not working with me....


Last time I have to ring BT to change the password, but I want to do via some control panel.





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Re: How to change password for BtOpenZone?

If you're a BT Total Broadband customer and you want to change the password, you can go to, log in there and change your password. The primary email account and the FON/OZ logins are linked. if you change your email password, your FON/OZ password will also change.


if you're an Openzone only customer, you can log into your control panel on the main page and change your password there.

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Re: How to change password for BtOpenZone?

All you need to do is change your primary email addresses password. H_Dawg gave ya some info there but if you can't remember your password just go to and before trying to sign in click on 'Forgot password' to go through and reset your password to a better one more suited to yourself. Hope this helps.