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Mobile phone won't receive calls in Europe or US.

Before I contact BT I thought I'd just check here first. Last year my BT mobile phone got broken, and I'm now using an HTC wildfire S ( provided by BT of course, and using the same number ), but this problem existed with the old phone sometimes as well. When abroad, despite being able to make outgoing calls, one of two things happens with incoming calls; either it goes straight to 'ansafone' (is it called mailbox?) which at least means I know who called and can get their message, or it just rings twice and the caller gets a 'number unavailable' message and I can't even see who's called. Either way, the bottom line is I can't get calls when abroad, which is highly inconvenient as it's the main purpose of the phone.


I'm sure I contacted BT about this a couple of years ago, but it's clearly still a problem. Any ideas about solutions and settings I might try to resolve this myself before I call BT?

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Re: Mobile phone won't receive calls in Europe or US.

It sounds to me as if your mobile account>SIM is somehow not provisioned correctly for use when roaming abroad.


I'd give BT mobile a ring and check that your account is provisioned properly when abroad.


When you do go abroad, do you receive a "welcome to Germany" etc text message from the BT [actually Voda] partner network in that country? If not, then I'm pretty certain its an account provisioning issue.


I've never used a Wildfire ,myself, but there isnt anything you need to tick in settings to "allow roaming" anywhere?  It should switch automatically, but I've been away from HTC for well over a year now and cant recall the menu tree for that aspect of device functionality.


The other possibility [long-shot] is that its a faulty SIM. You could be a bit cheeky and say the SIM is damaged and request a replacement one, but there might be a couple of days with no service until you receive the replacement in the post.

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Re: Mobile phone won't receive calls in Europe or US.

I called BT last November. My phone is set up for use abroad, and whilst away I always get the the "welcome to wherever" text message and can make calls. In Mallorca in May, and last week in France the same problem; if people ring me, it rings twice then stops, doesn't even go to voice mail. If I pick up quickly enough I can answer the call. This problem occured with my previous BT HTC phone also.


Last November when I spoke to BT they did a number of checks, but there was one test they couldn't run as it wasn't working! They said they'd call me back but never did.


Just thought I'd check back here again before wasting more time with a fruitless and lengthy call to BT. Which reminds me, what's the right number to call? I plough through the website for the right number, and still get forwarded at least 3 times by people who tell me it's not their department.

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