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My BT App

One for the Mods to report back...

An issue with the My BT App

So my BT broadband dropped connection this evening, it does this sometimes, but normally reconnects within a minute or so... it does it very rarely.

However, tonight I thought I would use the My BT App to check the status of my broadband, as it reports outages, and, in theory can run some checks on potential issues with your broadband connection.

So I opened the App, and it asked me for my 4 digit pin, and.... BANG.... it wouldn't go past the enter pin screen, just kept reporting an issue... which as we know was because my Internet had dropped... and it couldn't connect to BT servers to confirm my pin!

But what this means is the My BT App is pointless for checking broadband issues IF it needs a broadband connection....

In the past the App reverted to 4G so would still work and allow checks to be made, but not this time, has something changed, has a bug crept in, or did my phone simple fail to detect the lost of WiFi and which apps to 4G?

Either way... not sure the App is working great in a lost WiFi situation....

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Re: My BT App

Hi @4KTVFan I'm sorry to learn your broadband was experiencing problems last night. The My BT App will only work when you have a broadband connection either through your wifi or mobile phone signal. It sounds like even though your broadband was down your phone was still connected to the wifi rather than 4g. If this happens you should switch off the wifi on your phone settings it will connect to 4g and the My BT app should then allow you to report the fault and complete the checks.

Community ModeratorNeilO
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