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My BT app - "Settings not implemented yet"

I've recently swapped back to BT from Virgin Media...

The broadband appears to work fine, both upload and download speeds are good with no apparent issues with the Smart Hub 2 (I don't yet have any Wifi discs).

When using the My BT app, selecting "Your wi-fi network", shows my "Smart Hub 2" which when clicked allows me to change the admin password/light settings and see connected devices and hub details.

HOWEVER, when I click on "Settings" in the "Your wifi network" page, I simply get a red banner on the top of the window say "Settings not implemented yet".

I've looked on BT's page - and it clearly shows under "BT Smart Hub 2" that the "Settings" button should work.

I phoned BT customer services who either did not understand the issue or insisted that it wasn't possible to use the app to alter the hub settings. 

I've emailed but received no reply.

Whether connected to the "Settings" issues, I am unable to perform a speed-test using the My BT app either.

I have successfully connected to the Smart Hub 2 using to use the Smart Hub 2 Manager via web browser.



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Re: My BT app - "Settings not implemented yet"

Hi @pleasehelpme2 

I get the same "Settings not implemented yet" message, I would assume from that message that it will come in a future app update. If you want to change the admin password through the app then tap the picture of the SH2 in 'Your wi-fi network" and the option will appear.

I think the speedtest error is just what it says and not related.

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