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New Mobile Phone Choice

Hello All,could use the forums advice,if I buy a secondhand iphone unlocked could  I use it with my current BT Simcard? I have need of a larger screen but do not actually use all that often,or failing that option would I be better off taking out a monthly contract? I guess what I need to know is weather the system will support a smartphone.


I have got to admit I like the Bt help available as im not very techy minded.


Any advice welcomed.

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Re: New Mobile Phone Choice

Welcome to the forum.


The quick answer to your Q is yes; you can use the BT SIM in an unlocked i phone. [There have been a number of connectivity and email questions; but the answers are in the forum].


BT will not support your i phone with telephone advice, as they do not offfer it to residential customers, so if you are looking for that, be careful.


The i phone is not the largest screen around; a number of Android phones offer larger, The S*****g G****y Setc range for example.


There are some very competitive SIM only deals around ATM, and I have to say ATM BT is not IMHO amongst them for residential customers.  Ship around online, and you'll soon find them. You could expect to pay £10-£15 ish for calls, data and texts pcm maximum.


So I'm bouncing the Q back to you; what are you really looking for, and what cant you do without in an ideal sense in your next step?


Post back if you want; there will be other advice than mine I'm sure to help you Smiley Happy

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Re: New Mobile Phone Choice

Hi Allan and thanks for your welcome and advice. I just feel i want to have better connectivity,it`s just trying to get best value and would not like to spend more than circa £15 a month.


Ee have a deal on an iphone 4 for 15.50 incl phone on a 2yr tariff,just unsure about data usage ,bundles etc.


I suffer from parkinsons and am not the quickest typer so don`t know how i would fare with a touch screen but im interested in the apps available.





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Re: New Mobile Phone Choice

Hi Mike, you're welcome Smiley Happy


As you can probbly tell from my post above; I'm not an i phone user or enthusiast; I use the other popular mobile operating system, Android.


In fairness, and to keep things balanced, I've PM'd someone who is an i phone user on the forum, and I'm sure he'll give you some advice on the i phone and costs.


I'll then bounce back with a view about Android and costs, and that should help..............Smiley Wink



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Re: New Mobile Phone Choice

I'm the person PM'd 🙂
A BT SIM card will work in everything except an iPhone 5 - these use a different type of SIM card.
An iPhone 5 does however have excellent voice recognition built in and I often send texts etc by voice alone.
A touch screen takes a little getting used to however.

I don't know what the BT Sim deal covers, but data use can be quite high on an iPhone when you are out and about as it is busy locating you, checking mail looking for updates etc. My wife has a 1GB allowance and doesn't exceed that.

The iPhone 5 has a noticeably better and bigger screen.

All my family have iPhones which means we chat talk share videos at no cost as it all goes through Apple's own system.

Two of my daughters have cheap deals with Giff Gaff and seem happy.

Using wifi of course it all costs nothing.

The Apps store is great. The phone is excellent. I might be able to help more if you tell me what deal the BT Sim offers

I think on the whole you are probably better off on a contract and not using a BT SIM card.

People have mixed views about 3
But a little hunt produced this deal for an iPhone 4

Ultimate Internet 100.
All-you-can-eat data
100 minutes
5,000 texts
24 months

a month.
No upfront cost.

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Re: New Mobile Phone Choice

Thanks Stuart Smiley Happy


Good advice there Mike.


Have a google and browse; think about it and get back to us if we can help further...........




"Welcome to Royston Vasey - You'll never leave."

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