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Norton. Halo 3+ and BT in General

Told McAfee has gone and Norton now my provider but won't let  me download it.  I assume I've now lost my broadband  protection as won't let me into anything securitywise.  Also been offered Halo 3+, which I've already got and paid for but doesn't seem to be working.  Spent nearly 2 hours on the phone on Saturday and told things would be sorted but it isn't, no record of a fault on the MyBT fault reporting sheet.  When I try to get thru to pages I'm told that I can't as site is down.  Can't go on the phone at the moment because I know I will be abusive to whoever I'm talking to.  How do I get my BT contract ended due to their own mismanagement without having to pay penalty fees.  I'm paying over a hundred pounds a month for rubbish service that's for sure.  I'm knocking on a bit now, 79, and find that going round in circles and getting no joy is not conducive to my well being.

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