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Parental Controls Activation???

I am absolutely furious, as I have contacted BT to activate my Parental Controls and Web security 3 times trying to sort this issue out as my account states;

"BTParental Controls is being activated on your account and will be available in the next 24 hours. Please log in again later to manage your account."

This is crucial as we have children in the house and it needs sorting now. I am furious and need this sorting urgently. I have been messed around with the installation, being without a telephone line and internet for ten days and having been given 4 different connection dates...only to have this issue after connection. This coupled with rude and awful customer services replies and comments...what more can I say? 

I am going to get advice because they are not fulfilling their contract....but in the meantime can anybody please help me??

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Re: Parental Controls Activation???

Hi @Suewilldo 

Welcome to the Community and thanks for your post!

Sorry for the problems you're having activating Parental Controls.  This isn't something the Community will be able to help with so we will pick this up and help you from here.

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



Community ModeratorRobbieMac
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