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Poor Customer Service Again !

Sick of the appalling customer service with BT.
Make it so hard to contact via email, what is the matter with sending an email to you, you send plenty to me. Every time you're on Live Chat you are met with stalling tactics meaning for every question you ask, the operators ask five, including the details you've already input on the previous pag
All I want to do is get rid of this annoying btwifi-with-fon and btwifi-x which is slowing my broadband down, but even though I L log-in ok onto this site, when I go to btfon to disable the thing it says the very same details re not recognised :-
Is this because My BT Account username/email is not a btinternet one but A GMAIL one I had prior to my switching to BT
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Re: Poor Customer Service Again !

Logging in to BTWiFi with anything other than a btinternet address as a BTID does seem problematic. However, btwifi and btwifi-x will not be slowing your broadband down. It only uses bandwidth that you are not using, assuming that anybody is even connected to it, you have priority..

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Re: Poor Customer Service Again !

The BT WiFi doesn't slow things down at all unless someone is using it.  Even if somebody does log in, you have priority.


There's a lot of legacy confusion about the BT WiFi login, as the system was set up before BT IDs even existed.  If your BT ID doesn't work, try your primary BT email address and password instead.  That might work.

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