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Re: BT Cloud (My Story)

Hi Bob,

I've given up calling BT cloud as it takes hours to get to anyone that understands the issue and then the result is always the same ; "we will/have escalated", "we will call you back", "your photo's are retrievable and will be restored in 36hrs" , "my Manger will call you back today" ....etc - All false promises and terrible Customer service in my view.

Blaming a supplier ( Synchronss ) for slowness or loss is not acceptable.  BT need to take responsibility.

I have opened a case the ombudsman and am following that route - lets see if that helps. 

I have pen (fingers) poised to send this to BBC Watchdog

My gut feeling is that BT have lost our photos forever and have no policies for backups or archive retrievals in place - which is shameful in this day and age.

I'll update you if there is any progress.



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Re: BT Cloud (My Story)

Hi Mesh

If you look at the original post I made, BT Cloud My Story your recent comments  about how the Cloud Team respond are very similar.

Even when the Cloud team eventually told me the files were gone I was of the same opinion as you that there had to be some way of retrieving them so I posted on here and asked the moderators to investigate on my behalf. 

Yesterday the moderator told me the entire contents of my cloud account had been deleted and there is absolutely no chance of recovery so I fear the outcome is just as bleak for you.

Contact me if you need to show yours is not an isolated case and I will provide any information needed.


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