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Re: BT Virus Protect.

Rather than start a new thread, my problem with BT Virus Protect is not quite the same.
Up until a few days ago, when I started receiving pop ups stating that it needs to be re-activated, it was working fine.
All that happens re the activation is a McAfee page appearing asking for account details, e- mail, password. What?
I now have a message that BT Virus Protect has been de-activated.
I uninstalled it then through my BT account downloaded and installed. The set up process completes and I then get the de-activated message. I've tried two further uninstalls and re-installs with the same result.
It is now removed from my p.c. and a free anti-virus installed until this can be, if possible, sorted out.
Any ideas? I have tried that "Acitvate"(never noticed that error) and it doesn't work.

I have , of course, removed the free antivirus each time.

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Re: BT Virus Protect.

Same thing happening to me. I have only used 7 of my 15 licenses. Going round in circles.. installing then uninstalling. The "Reactivate" button takes me to a McAfee login screen. My BT account details don't work with this
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Re: BT Virus Protect.

I keep getting a reminder that my protection ends in X number of days, I just ignore it and nothing seems to happen. When I click on the McAfee icon in task bar I always get the green tick showing I'm protected. I think BT should sort things out but I doubt they ever will. If ever I find I'm no longer protected I will go back to AVG free.
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Re: BT Virus Protect.

I contacted "chat" re this and they were about as much use as a chocolate tea pot. I don't think he even understood what I was trying to describe.

I have been going round in circles too but I don't even now get past the first enter you registration key. I am just advised that all my licences are in use - NO they are not.

Why is it not possible to remove/delete the two supposedly active devices/licenses and start from scratch?

Avast from now on as an alternative to this absolutely unfit fo purpose "free" extra!

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