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Redeemed a code for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription. Didn't know it's "Purchased from BT/EE".


I just redeemed a code for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription. I received the code from someone.

To my surprise, my subscription now says "Purchased from BT/EE" and I can't manage my Xbox subscription as usual from my Microsoft account.

I don't have BT/EE account. I'm not your customer. I don't even live in the UK.

I don't even know for how long this subscription will last because my Xbox Series X just says it's "Active".

One of your customers will probably get confused when they see Game Pass Ultimate Subscription on his/her BT/EE account and I think it will be billed monthly outside my control.

My questions:

1. How can I unlink my Microsoft account with this unknown BT/EE account? If that means I I'll lose the GPU Subscription, then it's fine. I just want to manage my subscription from my Microsoft account again.

2. If now or later I redeem a GPU subscription code which is clearly not tied to any BT/EE account, will subscription management be given back to Microsoft?

3. What will happen there are no changes made to my Microsoft-BT/EE link? I just don't want my Microsoft account get banned or anything because I already bought some games myself with that account.

Please help