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Setting up McAfee Maintained Subscribed List


Has anyone tried to set up a McAfee Maintained Subscribed List as in this article? 

I am trying to use Webex Teams and my BT Web Protect firewall blocked a communication from a webex  IP Address - Good ol' Google search turned up this article on Whitelisting Citrix and Webex urls using a nifty service provided by McAfee called Maintained Subscriber Lists whereby they maintain and update a list of IP Addresses for popular apps so you don't have to. This looked particularly useful as I am having problems connecting to Citrix - a major issue in these lock-down home working times!

Only problem is although BT Web Protect is badged McAfee, the User Interface looks nothing like the McAfee one in the article and I have been unable to find any information on how I can set up whitelist in the BT  Web Protect.

Has anyone tried to do this?

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