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Unable to login to BT Cloud

I have been having a problem with BT Cloud over the past week (not used it recently so no idea how long the problem has been going on for).


I just cannot login. 

I have checked my MyBt login details are working; changed the password just to be sure and I can login to MyBt with the details.


If I open a web browser and try to access and login I get a dialog box



Service temporarily unavailable

All features of the application are restored when the connection to the service is available.



I have the "app" on my Win 8.1 PC - same problem. 

I have the app on my iPad (IOS 9) same problem.


Given that BT are being paid extra for for the enhanced storage and I cannot access the product I would like a refund for this month AND to know what is going on with the solution.


Oh and from within the MyBT portal the web site also says


Your BT Cloud Usage

Your current storage limit is: 550GB

 Sorry, we can't display your BT Cloud usage right now. While we fix this, you can view your usage in the BT Cloud desktop, web and mobile clients available on the links above.

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Re: Unable to login to BT Cloud

Hi ukbirdmj,


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry you're having problems accessing the Cloud. There certainly seems to be something amiss here so we'll need to take a closer look for you. Can you please send over your details? You'll get the contact link in my profile.





Community ModeratorDaveM
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