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Using Hot Spots - I Confused

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I've been with BT now for well over a year and generally I don't use wifi that often when I'm about - call it an age thing

Today I was in a our new Cafe Nero and thought I'd try their wifi but the amount of personal information they were looking was unbelievable and I thought no way and tried to see if I could get a BT wifi connection but couldn't figure out how.

My Settings didn't show any BT wifi settings so I couldn't try and log in there. I couldn't see how to use the free data my mobile service provider (Vodafone) give me

I'm at a lost. Can anyone send me to a site where I might see how all this is done. There is no BT store near me

Any advice any links greatly received

Kevin H
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Re: Using Hot Spots - I Confused

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When you are out and about you would need to use your phone's wireless connection to "scan" for a BTWifi hotspot. If it found one you would be able to connect to it in the same way as you first connected to your home wireless connection. Once connected, you then open a web browser and that will open a log on page where you enter your BTID and password.


You may find the BTWifi app more helpful than having to log on every time.


See links about connecting to BTWifi