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Why only BT-WiFi with FON and not WiFi-X on a Mac Laptop?

Hi all, when I am out with my laptop, I can connect to the BT-WiFi with FON, but get a warning that this is an unsecured network. If I use my phone/tablet running iOS and the BT App, I can connect to WiFi-X which is a secured connection.

There is no App for MacOS that I can find, and it seems stange that a Laptop is not allowed the benefits of a secured connection.

One workaround is a VPN connection, but that's added expense as the McAffee package that BT offers to 'protect' its customers doesnt offer a VPN option.

I guess another option is to connect to WiFI-X with my phone and set up a private network with my phone, but that's a lot of faffing about for what should be a basic problem.

All help appreciated. 

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