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WiFi on new tablet, confused.



I bought a new tablet (Samsung 4) and the WiFi and internet is confusing me. I tried using the BTR-WiFi-FON thing, but it wont let me log in using BT account information even though it does on the main site and PC.


I want to use my tablet to access WiFi whilst travelling but I dont know what I'm doing.


Can anyone help?





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Re: WiFi on new tablet, confused.

Is this page any help?


You can only use the main BT ID e-mail and password to login, which must end in

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Re: WiFi on new tablet, confused.

I have managed to connect to BT WiFi but I beleive it is through my HUB 'BTHub5-SXWP', I assume I cant use that one when travelling and on otherside of the country.


I'm still a tad confused regarding the @btinternet. Should I jyst change to

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Re: WiFi on new tablet, confused.

If you are using the BT WiFi app, then it will only accept btinternet e-mail addresses. That address must be the same one as you use to login to MyBT.

If you login to MY BT using hotmail, then you will have to change it to your btinternet address by changing your profile.


That btinternet address must be the one used by the account holder.


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Re: WiFi on new tablet, confused.

Do I need the BT wifi app to use the WiFi?


If I did manage to change my email to, will any emails still go to my normal account?


I cant seem to log into the BT website either though it I can log in normally on PC?


Why is this tablet/WiFi thing so **bleep** complicated, I thought it was just connect and go.


I have no god **bleep** clue, had my tablet less than a day and want to smash it to bits already.



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Re: WiFi on new tablet, confused.

If you are at home and you want to connect to the Internet with your tablet you need to connect to your Homehub. It will be the network named Homehub5-SXWP. Once you have found that network name on your tablet you need to click on it and then enter the wireless passkey that you will find on the label on the Homehub.


Once you have done that you should be able to use the Internet when you are at home.


If you want to use BTWifi-Fon when you are out and about you first of all need to find a BTWifi hotspot. This is somewhere that is transmitting the BTWifi-Fon signal.


Once yoi have found the signal you need to click on it then open a web browser. This should then open a web page called a landing page. This will then allow you to enter your BTID or email address and password.


Once you have done that you should Open an new browser page and you will then be able to browse the Internet.


If you prefer you can download the BTWifi app and enter your BTID or email and password into the app and it should then automatically connect you to BTWifi-Fon when you are at a BTWifi-Fon hotspot.

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Re: WiFi on new tablet, confused.

BTWifi requires a BT ID that is also a email address.  It also needs to be the primary BT ID that you use to log in to the MyBT section of the web site.


You should be able to set up a new btinternet email address on the web site and change your BT ID to use that.


Your existing hotmail email will carry on exactly as before - there's nothing to stop you having multiple email accounts with different providers.  However, BT may (or may not - they aren't consistent) use your new btinternet email address to contact you.


Unfortunately, the system is complicated and arbitrary.  BT have decided that everybody should use the one BT ID for many different services, but they don't seem to have worked out how to get to that goal without the customer jumping through hoops.

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Re: WiFi on new tablet, confused.

@Ectophile wrote:

BTWifi requires a BT ID that is also a email address. 



@No it doesn't. See the image below where BT Wi-fi is activated with an BT ID.




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Re: WiFi on new tablet, confused.

Thanks alot for the replies people. I can connect to the internet with my home hub 5 TVPX thing, can log onto bt main site, etc.


It's just setting up my Wifi for using on the go, the WiFi-FON whatever.


As mentioned I changed my BT profile from to then said confirm whatever in a mail but couldnt find the email, it wasnt in my primary hotmail account so got confused then put it back to, I have tried changing to again but now it says the profile already exists?


Its just changing my profile to thats confusing me as I dont know where the emails for that account will go.


It says for me BT Email has not been set up on the account.


Do I need a FON account to use wifi on the go/around the counry if I have the WiFi app installed?

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Re: WiFi on new tablet, confused.

To use an email address you first need to set one up in MyBT if you already haven't done so. See link


Once you have an email address you need to change your BTID to that email address.


to do that you need to log onto MyBT


Go to My Profile


Go to My Contact Details > Edit


Change email address to your


Enter present password for your current BTID


Click Save


Go to My security details


Click on Password > Edit and change to the same as your email password


Enter present password and click save,


Your BTID is now the same as your email address and password.


This now how you will log onto MyBT, BTWifi, BT Sport and your email


When you have set up the email address emails will be sent to that email address. You access that by logging on here


The email log on link can be found on the BT main page at the top right corner. You will also see it at the top of this page.


You do not need a Fon account to use BTWifi. It is free as part of your BT broadband package.