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i phone and bt wi-fi help please

my hubby has an i phone, i have android, i managed to download bt wifi app and set it up no probs, he tried and couldnt download on iphone so i have now spent all evening trying to do this. i started in app store as per instructions, found seberal bt apps but no wifi app, next i tried scanning the square bar code thing, on the bt website, which is supposed to download it to iphone the message i got was that app is not available in uk. i tried his other barcode scanner - same message. i went on the teck page and followed the instructions about websites and number codes for them, it says to delete one that begins with 10.**.**.** but this will not delete it comes back every time. As this is his phone and neither of us are that great at technology i dont want to do anything permanent that i wont know how to undo. Incidentally i did download the smart talk app to the i phone and completed the process then i tried looking at the apps shown as similar/connected and several bt business apps came up but not the wifi one. HELP please 

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Re: i phone and bt wi-fi help please

The app was recently updated and it went awry, so it's been deleted pending a fix.


Meanwhile, you don't actually need the app to connect to BT Wi-Fi but have to enter your details every time. Just select the SSID from the list of available networks and wait for the landing page to sign in.

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