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iPad Documents to BT Cloud

I'm relatively new to BT Fibre and BT Cloud. I am running iPad OS 16.3.1 on my iPad, I do not have access to any other computer equipment ( I do have an iPhone)

.So here is my problem while my photographs seem to back up automatically my difficulty lies with  Documents (text) and Music. I can't upload iPad pages documents to BT Cloud but I have no trouble uploading them to iCloud or Dropbox..

As regards music, I'm in the BT app click Music and the screen closes, BT Cloud shuts down!

At the moment I have nothing on BT Cloud that I haven't on my iPad so if it would be an easy work around I would have no difficulty in deleting and restoring the app.  If that is a sensible suggestion how would I do it.

And finally, just to clear something up in my own mind - if I delete something on my iPad / iPhone will it be automatically deleted on BT Cloud; I hope not.

Even online btcloud.btI still seem to have the same problems

Thanks for any advice or information you can offer


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Re: iPad Documents to BT Cloud

I don’t have regular access to an iPad but I do have an iPhone with the same iOS build if it helps… And the iPad app seems to have the same features so…

In my experience with BTCloud if I delete a photo on the iPhone, the original is still there and doesn’t get deleted in BTCloud. You can then easily copy it back to your phone.

In all fairness I’ve found it quite hard to lose photos once it’s backed up.

If you delete the photo in the Cloud (rather than on the phone) it goes into the cloud’s recycle bin (Trash). And you can restore from there too. 

I’ve deleted and reinstalled the App a few times over the years - on my iPhone and PCs - and not lost stuff.

And usually, rather than all the photos being uploaded again, a comparison is done and only new ones uploaded if needed. But no doubt there’ll be others on the forum who may have struggled.

By design, so I was told by BT, the BTCloud app on the iPhone iOS doesn’t backup Documents or Music.

It’s the same on the iPad. If you go to the settings ‘What to backup’ there’s no option for Music or Documents. Just Contacts, Photos and Videos

The Music and Documents you see on the Home Screen are what’s in the cloud - potentially from other PCs and Android phones.

As it is at the moment I use both BTCloud and iCloud to back up my iPhone. 

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