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norton antivirus application blocking

hi everyone!

I'm using Mac Ventura and I'm having issues with Norton Antivirus provided by BT with my broadband package.

I don't know if it would different on a Windows machine (I haven't tried), but on my system the Firewall/Application Blocking option is behaving strangely.

When I enable it, it asks me if i want to allow applications to connect to the internet. That's obviously expected and with applications like Firefox I select the option "Always use this action for Firefox". I click on allow and expect to never be asked again about this app. This is true for as long as the app is open. When i close and reopen, i need to start all over again.

At first i thought this may be how it works. A bit annoying in my opinion, but oh well....

Then I saw that it doesn't happen with Chrome or Whatsapp desktop app. Once I click on the "always use this action" on those apps, it never asks me again, even if i reboot the machine.

I'm then quite confused and don't know which one is the expected behaviour and which one is the "bug".

additionally, i went to the advanced settings and added Firefox (and other apps that have the same issue) manually to the list of "always allow". That doesn't change anything and I'm still asked every time I open the apps.

Has anyone had the same issue? what am i missing?

I tried to upgrade norton but it says i'm on the latest version: 8.8.4 Build 77



Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 20.39.29.pngScreenshot 2023-03-24 at 20.41.20.jpg


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