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smarttalk - "sorry we haven't been able to setup your account"

The setup of smarttalk seems very complicted.  Here is the deal.


I had this working last year using an iPhone-3GS.  When I uopdsted the pohone to a 6S I tried to use smarttalk (retaining the same mobile number) but I couldnt get it to work.  The setup fails.


Setup starts and appears to run just fine... it then says somethingf like "...we are just setting up something in the background..."  then I get the message:

sorry we havent been able to set up yiour account

touch  setup my account and we will try again.

If there is still a problem please try later


So I jhave tried later... about 6 months later and it still does the same thing.


Have deleted and downloaded the latest version and still get the same problem.


My wife also has exactkly the same issue (she also used this on a 3Gs just fine and now has a 6 which equally wont work.


We have a master BT ID which I can use to login to to the bt web site with.  We both have seperate login IDs which equallyu work.


I cant find a number to call - really dont want to go down the india wait for ever scenario that many people seem to have experienced.


Any ideas??


I cant help thinking there is some setup lingering from the old 3gs.  Our home number has not changed 

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Re: smarttalk - "sorry we haven't been able to setup your account"

Its not an issue with the phone, its the way that BT SmartTalk works. For security reasons, if you change your phone, you need to go into the main account MyBT, SmartTalk, and block the phone.


You must also ensure that you have allowed additional signups.


Then you have to install BT SmartTalk on the new phone, and it will ask you at the start to create a BT ID, or use an existing one. You need to select the option to create a new BT ID for that new phone, you cannot use an existing one.


Once you have created a new additional BT ID and password,then go back into the main BT ID, and unblock the mobile number, you should be able to proceed with the setup process, and get the ringback call.


When you get your bill, you will see the mobile number appear twice but will different Service IDs. If you made any chargeable call before you swapped the phone, then they will appear against the old Service ID. New calls will show against the new Service ID.


I know it sounds complicated, but its to ensure that only the account holder can make changes to the service, so they are not faces with unwanted bills.


Every instance of a SmartTalk installation, generates a unique Service ID, which uses certain hardware information from the phone, to create an unique code. Its a bit like the way that Microsoft licences PCs.


I hope that is of help.


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Re: smarttalk - "sorry we haven't been able to setup your account"

I haven't changed my phone


No one else is on smart talk (not even me at the moment) from this number


I give up

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