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wifi hotspot (can you actually switch it off) ?

I have a home hub 5 and use a separate wireless access point to connect to the router...  So I disabled the wireless signal on the home hub.  But it continues to act as a wifi hotspot.  According to the BT website I can opt-out.  So I did this.  I then waited 28-days, recycled the power to the router and yet still it acts as a hot-spot.  Then if I stare at the small print on the BT website it does indeed say that I can opt-out but it is not clear if that means that the wifi signal will disappear (get switched off).  I have read several other posts all apparently chasing the same holy-grail of switching off this unwanted transmission and yet nobody has ever actually posted that it can be switched off (presumably by somebody at BT doing something remotely)....  Is it, or is it not possible to have a Home Hub 5 (or any other BT hub) that does not insist on acting as a hot spot ? 

fully appreciate the intent by BT to create a UK mesh of hot spots... but my point is;-  can you actually switch off the signal or is it the case that all that happens is that it remains "on" but because of the subscriber settings (opted out) that the signal is just not useable ?


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