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BTFON & BTOPENZONE connection problems

i can recieve a signal from both and connect but when i go to internet explorer it will not let me pull up any pages including the login page it states that it can not display page. have tried it with my home hub and other openzones but no connection. when i connect direct to my hub by wireless it works perfect. please help

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Re: BTFON & BTOPENZONE connection problems

Did you get a solution to this problem because I am the same and cant find a solution. Could you let me know please xx
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Re: BTFON & BTOPENZONE connection problems

I have the same problem!  It says I am conneced with limited connectivity (local only) and won't even bring up the homepage where you put in your username and password.

I phoned the BT helpline and they checked three things which were fine and said that's all they could do!

Please help with this!!

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Re: BTFON & BTOPENZONE connection problems

limited connectivity means you are not connected to the internet hence no web pages - you need to check your connection and router

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Re: BTFON & BTOPENZONE connection problems

Yep, limited connectivity means that you aren't really connected to the network. Your computer allocates itself an IP address which usually starts with 169 and there is no connectivity. I've noticed recently that more and more people have been experiencing this fault, with no apparent explanation from Openzone.

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Re: BTFON & BTOPENZONE connection problems

I`m also getting this, if I keep trying I eventually get the logon page, then usually after about 10 mins I get no web pages even though it appears I am connected with good signal strength.

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Re: BTFON & BTOPENZONE connection problems

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Just out of interest, at what time of the day are you experiencing the connection / landing page issues? I've found that I seem to get this problem anytime between 5pm and 11pm.  With perseverance i eventually get connected, however through the daytime i never seem to have any problems at all.  Have you tried connecting with a different device to see if the same problem exists, i.e a smart phone?

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Re: BTFON & BTOPENZONE connection problems



I have the same problem.


I cannot open the BTOpenone homepage in order to log in and use my allowance.


My month is almost over and I have a lot of minutes left to use.


Is it possible to get this money refunded???

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Re: BTFON & BTOPENZONE connection problems

Hello I've also got the same problem. I subscribed yesterday and eventually managed to get connected once. When the connection was working, it was great.  The rest of the time, as soon as I have logged on, the screen with the "log off" button appears.  So I assume I am logged in.  Then the url line shows this


And then I get the error message.  Does anyone know why I am being logged off as soon as I am logged on?  As I have connected once, I assume the problem is not at my end.


I am writing this on dial up Smiley Sad






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Re: BTFON & BTOPENZONE connection problems

your best bet is to speak to the Openzone helpdesk themselves regarding refunds and connection issues although if your in residential areas there is very limited help they can offer. 08000223322