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bt fon xbox live

hi,  how do i conncet my xbox live to bt fon, i have a account with bt fon and my xbox picks up the signal but i cant seem to connect. does anyone know how to do this, it must be possible as it picks the signal up, any help would be great, i'm trying here as bt seem to be useless in answering anything as complicated as a network connection. thanks in advance - james

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Re: bt fon xbox live

As far as I know, the Xbox 360 has no web browser built into it, which means that although you will be able to connect to the BT FON WiFi network, you won't be able to log onto FON. You need to log into it using a web browser or the iphone app.


It would probably work fine on a PS3 if you have one of those.

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Re: bt fon xbox live

This is exactly the same for BT Openzone, which we have on the Naval Base where I live.... However, it is possible to connect to it if you connect your XBox to a laptop or PC using an ethernet cable.  You then login to your Openzone account using your laptop/PC and share the connection with your XBox.  I assume it will be the same for BT fon!


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Re: bt fon xbox live

could you please tell me how to share the connection with the xbox in the bt openzone settings please! thanks!