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BT Broadband Desktop Help - Failure to launch

I have been trying to access my desktop help (initially installed from BT Infinity Disc) wtih no success, it would launch but several aspects would not permit me to see the relevant pages of help. So I checked online and saw I could download the program which I have now done. The new version won't launch at all. I get a script error coming up asking if I want scripts to run but when I click yes nothing happens.

I am running 64-bit windows 7 on my laptop which is having the desktop problems. On our main pc (windows XP) we have no issues at all.

This has all come to a head as I'm trying to network the printers on the pc with the laptop and I can't use the Broadband help wizard to connect them all together.

Any advice on how to resolve the help installation/launch would be apprieciated. I am going to try reloading it all from the disc to see if that makes any difference.

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Re: BT Broadband Desktop Help - Failure to launch

The simplest solution is to uninstall Desktop Help and then don't reinstall it again.


I have yet to see any good reason to install it.  If you want to see how the Home Hub is doing, just enter http://bthomehub.home/ into your favourite web browser.

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Re: BT Broadband Desktop Help - Failure to launch

try completing the steps below :-


Click start - All programs - BT Broadband Desktop Help - Uninstall (also look in add/remove programs)
Open task manager, check and if found:
remove BTHelpNotifier.exe
remove McciServiceHost.exe
remove McciTrayApp.exe
stop McciCMService.exe in services (control panel - Administrative Tools - Services)
In registry, delete the following (start - Run - Regedit)
delete the following folders if still present
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Motive
C:\Program Files\BT Broadband Desktop Help
Download the latest Desktop help client from

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Re: BT Broadband Desktop Help - Failure to launch

I too are having problems in this particular and have read all the advice, but still have a problem.


I am running windows vista (64 bit), I have installed and reinstalled at least a couple of times and experience the same problem.


It launches fine, but when I use the diagnostic wizard I get the following:


BT diagnostic wizard registration


Sorry - the some of the details have not been complete

We have detected you have not used the BT diagnostic wizards before so we need you to enter your BT Total Broadband account details below :


I enter my telephone number and it then keeps looping back to the above original message.


It is really annoying. Is there anyone out there who can help.

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Re: BT Broadband Desktop Help - Failure to launch

many here advise you do not need it it can cause more trouble than it solves it has to be your choice however

john46 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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