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BT Home Hub 3 and Synology Diskstation DS212J NAS connection problems

After a recent move I've been trying to set up my NAS again with my new BT broadband (having previously been with Sky). Upon connecting everything up properly, the NAS doesn't show up on the list of connected devices on the router. Even when plugging the NAS into my laptop and trying to connect, I still cannot access it. 

I've read other posts about needing to set a static IP address and forward the ports for the NAS. I've set the ports up but because I cannot access the NAS I'm unable to assign it a static IP address and don't really know what else to do. 


Please help, it's driving me bonkers! I've tried everything I can think of. 

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Re: BT Home Hub 3 and Synology Diskstation DS212J NAS connection problems

What make of router does Sky supply?  Is it a netgear?  It's possible that the Nas already had a fixed address on a different range to the bt hub (192.168.0.* rather than 192.168.1.*)  In which case the 2 devices won't communicate.  There are a couple of things you could try.  Do you still have the old router?  Power it up and connect a pc to it with ethernet and then do an ipconfig on the command prompt (Press windows key and r, enter cmd or command, then hit enter, will bring up the command prompt, then type ipconfig and hit enter).


Then look for the ethernet adapter, local area connection.  Look underneath that heading for the lines IP address/IPv4 address and default gateway.  If the default gateway for that router isn't then the nas won't be seeing the router if it has a static ip already assigned.  You could at that point attach the nas, see if you can access it and then set it's tcp/ip settings to dhcp, which should then get it to connect to the hub.  From there you can set up a fixed internal address.


Rather than change the details on the Nas, you could always change the DHCP range on your hub, although someone else would be better walking you through that as I am not completely au fait with exactly how it is done on the home hubs.


What you could also try is disconnect everything apart from one pc and the nas from the hub, open command prompt again and enter the following command:


FOR /L %i IN (1,1,254) DO ping -n 1 192.168.1.%i


That command will ping all of the ip addresses on the range to .1.254.  Watch the screen.  Hopefully you will get 2 responses, one from your pc and one from your nas.  Make a note of the ip addresses you get a response from.  You should be able to match one to your pc and you can then check out any others that respond by entering the ip address in your web browser.


I appreciate it is quite a long post, but hopefully at least one of these will help you get access to your Nas again.

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Posts: 10
Registered: ‎29-08-2013

Re: BT Home Hub 3 and Synology Diskstation DS212J NAS connection problems

That's brilliant. Thank you so much. I think once I've got access to the NAS I should be fine and luckily I do have the old router (at least I hope I do...) so will try that out sometime next week! You're totally correct about the address (it was 192.168.0.something previously)
Cheers man!