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BT Home Hub Hub Manager installation

Hi,  I have just installed my new BT Home Hub 3, and my new broadband service is up and running ok, with internet access from both my main PC via ethernet cable and from laptops via wireless network seemingly working ok.  However, I have been unable to access the Hub Manager on my PC using the Hub Manager shortcut or browser link (bthomehub.home), despite running the BT Home Hub installation CD, several times.  A dialogue box comes up saying "Unable to connect to hub" or "Internet Explorer cannot display the web page" respectively.  However, I am still able to access the hub directly using the IP address  I note that BT Home Hub 3 is not registered as an Internet Gateway, which was the case with my previous Cisco Linksys router, but my PC now appears to be linked to the internet through the existing internal network card, which I suspect is not the most efficient set-up?  Can someone advise how to correct the hub set-up on my PC (Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3/ IE8) so that everything is configured properly, including Hub Manager?

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Re: BT Home Hub Hub Manager installation

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This should work http://bthomehub.home/html/home/home.html


I removed the BT software as it isn't required and gave me connection problems (PC running XP).


From the post below "Ah, just noticed you're not browsing to the IP address - tried that.  Worked fine.  How odd"

Please Click On any Text in Blue as that automatically links to information.


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Re: BT Home Hub Hub Manager installation

Sorry, the link you gave me (http://bthomehub.home/html/home/home.html) doesn't work either. 

I'm not sure what the second paragraph of your reply means, but as mentioned in my post I can access the hub ok using the IP address (with IE8), just not through the Hub Manager link.

The third paragraph of your reply is interesting, being about broadband availability in East Grinstead, but this is totally irrelevant to my question, as I am in Scotland, and I have no problem with broadband availability!?

My main concern is whether the hub is correctly set up on my system, and I am presuming it should be set up as an internet gateway, in similar fashion to my previous broadband router.  Is this correct, and if so, how do I sort it?