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BT Infinity - Extending wireless range through powerline

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Having dispensed with the HH3 because of its refusal to allow me to connect another via a cable to another wifi access point to extend my wireless network, I have a new router connected to the openreach modem which is much better performance-wise - the HH3 on Infinity was only matching my old Netgear ADSL router on Total Broadband [albeit the upload speed was better].
I now have a Netgear WDNR3400 router connected to the BT Infinity modem, serving as my main wireless hub. It is connected via  powerline plugs to the old Netgear DGND3300 router acting as a wifi range extender in a remote part of the house. The set up is roughly as follows:

Hub [WDNR3400]
DCHP routing on
IP address
IP range 192.168.2 - 200
Utilising 2.4GZ [ch11] SSID=Wifi1 and 5GHz[ch36] SSID=Wifi2 signals
Guest networks on
SSID broadcasting off

Slave [DGND3300]
DCHP routing off
IP address
Utilising 2.4GZ [ch5] SSID=Wifi1 and 5GHz[ch44] SSID=Wifi2 signals
SSID broadcasting on

The intention was to achieve relatively seamless switching between wifi networks with high demand devices using the 5GHz network and low demand on the 2.4GHz network but with all devices able to switch freely between 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks. It is not working out that way and there are blackouts occurring where even though the devices are clearly switching from the weaker to stronger signal there is often no internet connectivity.

I am not gifted with much IT expertise but am confused because this setup is replicating what was running perfectly before using the DGND3300 as the hub on a ADSL connection and a HH2 router as the slave. The change has come about because I have upgraded from BT Broadband to BT Infinity. The siginificant difference is that I am now utilising the dual band capability rather than just single before.

Any help on the necessary settings on the routers to make this work better would be appreciated or are these
black holes inevitable?