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BT Net Protect Plus A WARNING!

Been running BT Net Protect Plus since day one and had no issues with it.  About a month or so ago version 12.8 downloaded with radically changes the front end (you will know when you have got it).


Anyway I ran the Quick Clean (as I regularly do) and it found a lot more items in the registry than it has done before. So after a quick review I saw it wanted to remove keys from belonging to long since uninstalled software so I let it run.


Though my PC still worked after some of the installed software took exception to it!  So if you run any of the following make sure you do not tick the Registry option in the settings of Quick Clean:


  • Logitech SetPoint v6.61.15 - Results in the icon being removed from the system tray.  Only solution is a re-install.
  • ASUS WebStorage v3.0.138.290 - Results in the icon being removed from the system tray.  Context right menu items removed and deletion of your backups off the ASUS server!!!!  Reinstall need to recover.

By the way I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

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Re: BT Net Protect Plus A WARNING!

My advice and that of others on the forum would be to uninstall BTNetprotect. It can cause problems on some computers and is a resource hog. There are far better free antivirus programs available such as Avast Free, AVG Free.

If you do want to uninstall BTNetprotect use this guide and make sure you use the BTNetprotect/McAfee removal tool after you have restarted your computer.

If you want a trouble free registry and temporary files cleaner one of the best which always gets great reviews is CCleaner


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Re: BT Net Protect Plus A WARNING!

GGs advice for Avast Free is right. Got a very good write up in a PC mag.

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Re: BT Net Protect Plus A WARNING!

I never use BT free protect plus coz it's from mcafee which always have **bleep** results of protecting viruses from your computer. I also know you can get free anti virus protection such as AVG but I prefer to spend a little money every year to get the full internet security suits .
I been using Norton internet security for 8 years on my computer for internet Banking and have no problem with it at all. I Lways wait till they are special offer such as half price or more then I buy it every year and when my old one expired . All I need to do is enter the new code then of me go for another year without even need to uninstall it !

Norton offer new version every year free of charge as long as your products not expired!

This is my own opinion of choosing Norton , at the end it's up to you if you want to spend a little money to mades yourself more safer.

Kit kat
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Re: BT Net Protect Plus A WARNING!

I agrreee with the above: Avast and ccleaner.


I have found ccleaner cleans more files than I want it to by default; for example lots of Internet history I want to keep.  Even if you don't look at the 'Applications' tab, it still cleans everything referenced there when you 'Run Ccleaner'.  Once you've set it the way you wqant it remembers your settings.