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Broadband username and password

I have been with BT Broadband for as long as I can remember but I need to know my broadband password.


I am on BT Total Broadband Option 3, a Home Hub 2 and documentation saying my broadband username is my btinternet email.  However, when I look at the router through, the user name is


I need to know the broadband name and broadband password so I can expeiment on another router's settings for a friend.

How can I get them or who would tell me?

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Re: Broadband username and password

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the home hub works with out the need for a password if using an alternative router just use the username you have
and the password of your own choice

john46 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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Re: Broadband username and password

Thanks for that john46. I was being stumped by the new router not accepting a blank password but now I realise I can use any password.
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Re: Broadband username and password

Am attempting to set up a BT Business Hub 3 on BT Unlimited Broadband. So, yes, the lack of need for password on the Home Hub 4 threw me too because if you're not a BT Business Broadband client the business hub asks for username and password. Glad I found the answer here. Smiley Happy

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