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Continual "session has expired" pop-ups using Firefox webmail

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Hi all,


I've been having problems with webmail in Firefox for a while now, and haven't seen any other mention of it, so wondering if it's just me.  It seemed to start around the time the new "cookie law" came in, and new warnings started appearing on lots of sites, including BT-Yahoo web mail.


I get a pop-up saying "Sorry, your session has expired.  To protect your account, you need to confirm your password periodically." several times an hour, sometimes only minutes apart.  I'm guessing something's changed in the session cookie, possibly to comply with the new law, and for some reason it's incompatible with Firefox.


I'm getting the same problem both on my home and work machines, but not when I use IE, which presumably handles the cookie differently.  Since I much prefer Firefox, I really don't want to be tied into IE.


Interestingly, I can either re-enter my password, or just close the browser tab and open a new one - the session is still apparently "live", and I can continue without entering my password (at least for a few minutes until it asks again Smiley Sad )


If anyone has seen this and has any ideas how to fix it, I'd be grateful for any info.



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