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Getting around Parental Controls

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I'm currently experiencing what it is to have kids who know more about the net than you do!


My 2 youngest, if left to their own devices, would spend 24 hours a day glued to the net. To stop this, and make sure that they get some sleep, I set up the access control feature on the Home Hub so that their computers were blocked between 2030 & 0700. This worked for a short while, however, the older of the two has wangled his way around it by using something to change the MAC address of his computer, so he can then carry on as before.


Is there any way that I can block him on the Home Hub, without having to do anything on his actual PC? His is the only one to use a wired connection rather than wireless, so if push came to shove, I could physically remove the cable, but would rather use a software basis if possible.


I need to keep access open for the other PC in the house, so can't just turn the Hub off unfortunately...






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Re: Getting around Parental Controls

The home hub access control is fairly basic and easily bypassed.


You really need to consider using a different router, like one of the Netgear ones.


See Live Parental Controls


Forumhelp (personal website) is back online with lots of useful info for BT customers. Some links may be out-of-date, but I will update them when I get time.

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Re: Getting around Parental Controls

take the pc away until they learn there are other things in life and they learn to respect your rules

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Re: Getting around Parental Controls

Make him a basic user on his computer, taking away administrator rights so that he can not make changes to the system. Make yourself the administrator and set a strong password. This should stop him from changing the MAC address on the computer. Then go into the homehub and change the administrator password to something he can't guess and then set up the access control to his computer.


If all this fails, take the power cable from his computer away and lock it up for a week or two until he learns who's boss! 

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Re: Getting around Parental Controls

An alternative is if you have a powerful protection programme like mine you can display -Parental Control- and control all ports out to the internet or control access to the following objects[put your own in ] Block data transfer over network[lan and internet]. Block access to all portable drives. You can have a white list if you want.It saves buying another router.IN  "users" you can time  their access. My protection programme can block anything -yes that could causes system problems  but I can allow /bar  under --Firewall- just about anything. And yes it works.