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Home Hub 3 - Impact of changing Hub IP Gateway Address?

Hi all,


  • After some help/reassurance here please!
  • I just had an Infinity installation along with a new Home Hub 3 type B
  • I noticed some problems using some applications run over a VPN to a company I am working for
  • One of their network techies told me this (excuse the English, it is a Swiss company):

In this case, there is a wrong configuration of the local router/dns server.
The returned IP is an intenet address. The local physiical network has a configured DNS on, this address is reserved for special use on the Cisco security agent. The local router device must be reconfigured to not be a DNS or not use


Looking at the Hub settings sure enough is the Hub IP Gateway Address.

There are some instructions here on BT site on how to change the settings

But, if I follow these and change:

  1. DHCP Server Enable from Yes to No
  2. Hub IP Gateway Address from to
  3. DHCP Network Range End address from to

Will this cause any problems?


Thanks in advance for your help




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Re: Home Hub 3 - Impact of changing Hub IP Gateway Address?

OK... no one knows. Fair enough. Smiley Frustrated


Thought I would answer myself in case it helps anyone using the search facility in the future.


I found that in fact you can reset the hub to a different preset range of IP addresses. 172.16.0.nn


This worked fine, and does NOT reboot the hub in case anyone is concerned about that.


Note you may need to renew the DHCP lease on the attached PCs... this is simply opening a command prompt:

type "ipconfig" (no ") if that shows an IP address in the old range then type

ipconfig /release - should now have zeros

ipconfig /renew - should now have an IP address in new range


One of the techies that did not answer this may say you do not need the "release" first. But I was not sure so did both.


This also fixed the contention with the VPN's Cisco Security Agent

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Re: Home Hub 3 - Impact of changing Hub IP Gateway Address?

Hi adrian,


Sorry nobody got back to you about this - thanks for giving us an answer anyway! I personally have the default gateway set to as I have two other routers I use for access points on .1 and .2 - keeps things neat in my head Smiley Wink (I also have DHCP switched off).

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Re: Home Hub 3 - Impact of changing Hub IP Gateway Address?



i need to change my by ip gateway FROM to 


how do i go about doing this without losing internet connection?


thank you