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Poor Wifi range with new install (home hub 4)

Hi (my first post), after having my Broadband installed last week, I have noticed how incredibly poor my Wireless range is.


When im in the same room as the router its fine and is very fast for our area, but as soon as I move to another room or upstairs the problems starts. The living room is just a few yards away and upstairs the same. In my other property I am using a very old router and wifi range on thew same devices and it is far better. I use various devices like android phones tablets and an iphone, sometimes these will not even pick up the box at all in the kitchen/upstairs which is very close.


Considering the claims of unbeatable wireless connection, im not too happy. Its using the home hub 4.


Any thoughts on how I can Improve this ?


Many thanks (my first post)

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Re: Poor Wifi range with new install (home hub 4)

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There have been lots of posts regarding the wireless range of the HH4, most of the issues are regarding the short range of the 5GHz band, which is to be expected. 2.4GHz range should be fine. The problem is that many devices connect at 5GHz, instead of 2.4GHz, so you get a short range.


You can setup separate SSIDs for each band, so you can restrict individual devices to a band.


There are options on this page which may help.

Wireless connection problems


Or you may prefer to use your own wireless router.


There is a long thread which may help


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Registered: ‎13-09-2013

Re: Poor Wifi range with new install (home hub 4)

Thank you, I'll take a good look now.


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