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Registered: ‎25-05-2012

Port Forwarding with Seagate Network Drive and BT Home Hub 3B

I have posted a few times here, describing port forwarding problems and the solution to them. In general, I believe that port forwarding on the HomeHub 3B does work, but it has some subtleties, that's for sure. But there's one port forwarding problem I have, which I cannot solve and its doing my head in!


I wonder, does anyone here have any experience of using the "Seagate GoFlex Home" network drive with a Home Hub 3?


I have a HH3 at a remote location, and it has a network camera and a Seagate Goflex plugged into the router, with port forwarding set up to allow me to talk to the camera and the network drive. Consistently, after a few days of running, I lose the port forwarding. The router still functions. I can tell that because I can access it on port 161 (BT's service port) but it will not respond on any other port. The network is still "up" because the camera still FTPs and Emails me according to its schedule, but I cannot talk to it. Conclusion: the port forwarding has been "lost".


When this happens, its a 150 mile round trip to sort it out - which requires me to delete the port forwarding rules and re-apply them. Why is it behaving like this?  I originally thought it could be due to power failure, but I dont think that's the case. And - although the Home Hub's port forwarding is not perfect, Im beginning to wonder if it isnt something else on the network that is screwing things up, like the Seagate drive.  This drive is not a nice piece of equipment at all (I would not recommed anyone buys it) and it wouldnt unduly surprise me if it was doing something nasty to the network now and again. But what could it be doing to mess up the port forwarding?  I dont think the camera is to blame because I run a similar camera on a Home Hub 3 at another location, and that causes no problems at all. The factor here seems to be the Seagate drive.


This problem is driving me mad. Im going to have to try replacing the Home Hub with a different router - one that will allow me to configure it remotely would be useful. (The HH doesnt allow this).   But I am also wondering whether to consign the Seagate drive to the dustbin (well, to Ebay perhaps).


Has anyone any relevent tales to share?


There was a posting on the SEagate drive here: and my earlier problems were at

Posts: 46
Registered: ‎25-05-2012

Re: Port Forwarding with Seagate Network Drive and BT Home Hub 3B

1David1 wrote:

Consistently, after a few days of running, I lose the port forwarding.

Now that's odd. After being "down" for over a day, the port forwarding's come back, and I can now access my remote network!  I'll have to pay a visit and inspect the error log.  (Pity I cant do that from here but, very annoyingly, the homeHub does not allow remote access).