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What is 'Upload usage'? And how can I reduce it?

I have been going over my 10GB limit for a few months in a row now with BT.

I contacted BT for assistance and this is the breakdown they've given me:

- For the month of July up to 3/7/2011 at 23:59 hours is 1.34 GB (Upload usage is 1.22 GB and the download usage is 0.13 GB).

- In the month of June you have used 14.39 GB (Uploads-13.35 and downloads-1.04 GB)

- In the month of April you have used 11.69 GB (Uploads-10.93 GB and downloads-0.77 GB).

What is the difference between 'upload usage' and 'download usage'? I have not uploaded any files or photos or peer-to-peer stuff, so can't understand why my upload usage is that high. I just do normal browsing and emailing. No games, no changes to hardware, no uploading videos to YouTube....nothing.


What could be causing the high upload usage amount?

Surely normal surfing would have a higher download usage than upload usage?