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Wireless Bridge with BT Home Hub



Need a little bit of advice!!


I've got myself a lovely new BT Home Hub which is working well (but could always be faster!) at the moment and i've also got 3 xbox's (yes 3!) in a different room to the Hub.

What i want to do is connect all the xbox's together on a switch or hub, that talks wirelessly to the BT Home Hub. That way, my xbos's can all talk happily to each other and then use the wireless link to xbox live when they need to.

I've heard stories that this can be done using an old router as a wireless bridge (i've got an old sky one and an old virgin one and probably an old belkin one somewhere!). Don't particularly want to have to fork out for a wireless bridge if i don't have to but if i do, i would like to know which one works best with the new BT Home Hub?


anyway thank you for reading and an even bigger thank you if you give a full and complete answer, in other words how do i do it!!



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Re: Wireless Bridge with BT Home Hub

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Conenct them all to the HH either via wireless or wired and then Your xbox's will all communicate with each other via the network.

What your in effect wanting to do is to have 2 networks running when you actually only need 1 as it does the same job.

The Hub you suggested would in effect just do the same identical job as the HH and also without the extra hub you will save on having to use an extra switch/router and power etc.

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Re: Wireless Bridge with BT Home Hub



thanks for your reply. I them set up in this way already, unfortunately, they do not communicate with each other fast enough. I have 3 xbox's for i can play triple screen forza 3. at the moment they are all trying to communicate to the wireless hub which is in a diffrent room, and back again, causing a nasty lag. Obviously i don't want to run 3 ethernet cables through the house, so some sort of wirreless bridge that they could all connect to would be the ideal solution.



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Re: Wireless Bridge with BT Home Hub


It is possible to have a wired wireless repeater of the later HHs but not wireless. Have a look here at the way to do it.

You could link the 2 HHs together with either an ethernet cable or a pair of homeplugs/powerline adaptors.

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