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Xbox Media Centre Extender Home Hub 3 problems

As a long time and experienced user of Media Centre (XP and Windows 7) I use 2 Xbox 360's to stream all my TV, video, music and photos from my office PC (with twin Freeview tuner in it) to both the living room and bedroom TVs and this gives me a great multi-room TV system, however...


Ever since moving onto BT Infinity and the later v2B and now v3 BT Home Hubs I've had problems with my Xboxes reliably being able to connect to my office PC as Media Centre Extenders.


With the v2B Home hub things were particularly bad in that it seemed to only support a max of 1 Xbox in extender mode depending on when the network had been reset and then which Xbox had first registered itself on the network.


With the Home hub 3 (which I purchased at my own expense of BT Shop) things improved slightly in that both Xboxes seemed to be able to maintain their connection and load up the menu views of Media Center on them, but the 2nd Bedroom Xbox then started regularly having problems displaying video footage correctly.


While the audio element of live TV, recorded TV or verified good quality Video file would play fine, the visual image would either be completely blank, or broken up, or corrupted, which I was able to verify was not a problem with the source file or image as I could play the exact same video or live TV channel at the same time in the other room on the 1st Living Room Xbox with none of the same corruption issues!


I was also able to narrow this issue down to the Home Hub in that if I reset the Home Hub there would initially be no problems with video or TV playback on the 2nd Xbox until after the 1st Xbox had been turned on and used, and when I took the wired connections out of the back of the Home Hub 3 and inserted them into a £6 dumb network switch (which is how I'd had to have things with v2B Home hub) that sorted the problem permanently.


So it looks like the Home Hub 3 still has issues of blocking or corrupting less common internal network port connections even with UPnP and all it's other supposed advancements, and at the moment I've had to go back to having all my wired connections, 2x Xbox 360's + BT Vision + Main PC, running via a £6 network switch (which then has 1 connection into the back of the Home Hub for internet access) rather than just plugging direct into the 4 ports on the back of the HH3 and saving me extra wiring and another power block hanging off the mains...


Any help or suggestions on how to get around this issue, did think of manually trying to set up Port Forwarding rules for my main PC all the possible port forwarding rules, but the Home Hub shouldn't be blocking these ports internally to my home network and Xbox 360 and Windows 7 are mainstream devices that do request suitable access via UPnP standard, so it's definately the Home Hub software at fault here, particularly when this problem can be temporarily solved via a HH reset.


Happy to provide any additional information people want to help fix this issue which I'd really hoped was specific to the Home Hub v2B as that wasn't initially designed for Infinity as they had to re-configure one of the back 3 network ports as the upstream port which is why I thought this firewall/ports issue would have been restricted to just that version.


For reference this exact home network setup worked fine direct into Home Hub back wired ports with both BT Home Hub v1 and BT Home Hub v2a which I used before upgrading to BT Infinity!


Reference of what ports Media Centre and Extenders do make use of:


Previous thread by others which confirms even worse Xbox streaming issues with Home Hub v2B





For reference

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Re: Xbox Media Centre Extender Home Hub 3 problems

On hub 3 & 4 this is what I found ,extended upnp security turn it off connect xbox via wireless,connect xbox media centre and then if you need to or want you can connect xbox back to ethernet ,but do not connect ethernet cable until you follow the first step.all worked great after that .


also found issue with skype on home hub 3 and 4 on skype if you are getting picture freezing uninstall version 6.7 and go back one version then all worked fine,  hope this helps someone star me if it did like to know i helped someone. took me ages to work out and bt tech was no help ,