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Registered: ‎27-11-2012

bt infinity extension/amplifier ?

I have bt infinity installed,no problems and good downloads speeds.But i lose my signal at one end of my house approx 25 meters from hub(also the walls in my house are very thick).Is there a solution for my loss of signal ?Can anyone recommend something to purchase ?
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Re: bt infinity extension/amplifier ?

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Re: bt infinity extension/amplifier ?

Cable clips and a length Cat5e or Cat6 eternet cable, you can have a single length run of upto 100m, maplin have ethernet patch cables upto 50m, you can then put your HH3 or HH4 more central in the house, connect the red port to the openreach modem with this longer cable. The Openreach modem should stay where it is close to the Master socket.


It of course depends on how tidy you need your cabling. Smiley Wink

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Re: bt infinity extension/amplifier ?

A good reply but the Original Poster has not retuned since his post in November 2012

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