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Additional Box - use old BT TV with Pro

Hi All.

I am awaiting my order of the BT TV Pro box which should arrive tomorrow. My mum is interested in having BT TV downstairs too (i have it in my bedroom as my contract was from my old house and my mum didn’t want to swap from Virgin, so we have both providers, just for story background lol). But now my mum wants to cancel Virgin and we will split the BT bill between us. 

I have read about the additional box for £5pm but you cannot record etc using that box. I have a YouView ultra HD box… is there a way that can be used instead of the £5pm box and have access to the channels that I pay for on my package?



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Re: Additional Box - use old BT TV with Pro


You have a couple of choices.

. Leave your contract as it is and your mum can use your Ultra box for Freeview viewing  & recording

Or get Extra box for £5 pm and then your mum could use your Ultra box (rather than the zapper box) for viewing & recording the same channels you get.

That's what I did at one stage & works a treat.

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