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Aerial Connection to BT box PLUS TV

Hi there.

I have recently changed my TV to a 4k Smart TV which I have connected to my HD BT box via HDMI.

The BT Box itself is naturally connected to the house aerial so to provide freeview.

The TV can do the same job and actually seems a little better at it and picks up a few more channels.

My question is can I use the "aerial out" connection on the BT TV box to onwardly connect the TV itself to the aerial so giving me an option just to watch freeview directly through the TV or do I have to split the signal at source (i.e. a signal splitter at the wall connection) and run 2 aerial leads from the wall.

Naturally I want to have the BT box connected so I can record, pause etc which the TV doesnt do but would like the TV also connected to the aerial as an alternative to the box for certain channels.

Bar recording programs the BT box does not appear to bring much to the party anymore.

Many thanks for your help

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Re: Aerial Connection to BT box PLUS TV

Yes, you should be able to do this.

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Re: Aerial Connection to BT box PLUS TV

I've just set up a Pro box & that requires an option to be enabled (off by default) in the menu to pass the signal through. Don't know if the same applies to your box. You will probably also need to enable fast start, as the deep sleep/low power standby may not pass through. So depending on your requirements, a second cable from the wall may be more suitable.

As for pausing TV on the TV, you may be able to do that by adding a USB stick.
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