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App not showing series scheduled recordings

I've noticed just recently that the App is not showing scheduled recordings if there is more than one episode during the week. It will show the first available, in MyTV, but the next will not show until that first one has been fully recorded. The same in the live schedule. The first available will have the series recording icon next to it but the following episodes don't have anything next to them. e.g. I have been recording The Secret Genius of Modern Life on BBC2. Tonight's (Thursday 7th) didn't show up as being recording until yesterday's episode was recorded. Also War of the Worlds on 5USA has episodes in blocks of 3. The next episode is on Saturday 9th with 2 episodes after it. The 2 episodes after don't indicate that they will be recorded, although they will be.  If I go to my BT TV Box the icons show up in the Guide against every future recording.

I've only noticed this happening in the last week or so. So before the change to EETV. I've just unpaired my phone, rebooted thBT TV Box, uninstalled and reinstalled the App and re paired my phone, but no change. Is this a bug?


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Re: App not showing series scheduled recordings


Only referring to the app but I think that's how it's always worked.

When the scheduled one starts to record it then schedules the next one in the series which the app then shows.

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Re: App not showing series scheduled recordings


If I go into the synopses of the 2nd and 3rd War of the Worlds programmes to be recorded on Saturday evening there is absolutely no indication they have been set up as  a recording. In fact it still gives you the option to record each episode or a series record. Why should it give you this option if a series record has already been set. Definitely something wrong there. 

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