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BT TV Box (Non-recordable) not booting up

BT TV is connected to hub via Powerline
On pressing start the lights goes to blue but boot up process not showing on TV screen

No sign of connection on Hub Manager, all other devices working on wifi, checked all cables/powerline, switched on and off without any luck. Unable to to factory reset as won't boot.
Connected direct to router, still no sign of connection on Hub Manager.

I think I need new box, is there anything I have missed.


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Re: BT TV Box (Non-recordable) not booting up

To reset your Z4 (non-recordable) box

  1. Unplug then reconnect the mains power to the box. A red light should appear
  2. Press and hold the down arrow button on your remote control until you see ‘Enter Maintenance Mode Y/N’ at the bottom of the screen
  3. When you see this, press the standby/power button on the box. You need to press the standby/power button within five seconds, otherwise you’ll need to start from step one again
  4. After a few seconds you’ll see the ‘Maintenance Mode’ menu. Choose and select Factory reset using the arrow buttons
  5. The reset will take a few minutes. Once done, you’ll see the first-time set-up screens. Just follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset.

How do I reset my BT TV box? | BT Help

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Re: BT TV Box (Non-recordable) not booting up

Turn it on. Turn it off. Unplug, rewire, power on, oh power off. Yea power on, um reset, power off, power on! 

Repeat daily!

Speak to the call centre, what? The don't have a clue? Surely not!

Get more and more frustrated. Don't forget release the bunting when you actually get to watch something.

Don't count on recording anything and have fun with the apps.

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Re: BT TV Box (Non-recordable) not booting up



Don't count on recording anything and have fun with the apps.

I hope he doesn't try recording anything on his non-recordable box, he really will be disappointed if he does 😉

(sorry, @PJCORNELLY , just kidding)

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Re: BT TV Box (Non-recordable) not booting up


No worries my whole experience with BT Pro is a joke.

I firmly believe the product has been brought to market ahead of full testing. Somebody knows the truth for sure.

One thing for certain I'm not paying for a failed service.

Sorry to hijack the thread!